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The City of Johannesburg’s Remains of the Sophiatown Renaissance

Trevor Huddleston CR Memorial Building - Sophiatown Heritage and Cultural Center, City of Johannesburg

My Newly Found Fun Thing To Do In Johannesburg. See what I found around Westdene in Johannesburg! I was on my Sunday morning 10km hike downtown Auckland Park when I found this treasure. This place is called Sophiatown Heritage and Cultural Center. Sadly, they are closed on Sundays which means I surely owe this place a…

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How to open a GTBank Account while living in South Africa: Step-by-step Guide

Hi readers, I recently received an email from one of the subscribers to for a breakdown on how to apply for a Nigerian bank account without leaving South Africa. I shared the step by guide with the gentleman via email but I believe the same information will be beneficial for many other people seeking…