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#WorldChocolateDay, Dark Chocolates and More

Since 2009, 7th of July marks world chocolate day. While admitting that some of us are chocolate addicts, for me, this day is a big excuse to consume some of my favorite organic dark chocolate. This day also serves as a special occasion to add voice to condemn the irresponsible child labour practices on cocoa…

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How to open a Gtbank account in South Africa

Dear Akindélé,  Could you please kindly advise how I can open a Nigerian bank account while living in South Africa? /END/ Hi, The banking service that will cater for your specific need is the Non-resident Nigerian (NRN) bank account. NRN bank accounts are specifically designed to address the banking needs of Nigerians living abroad. I…

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Taxi Rides in South Africa – A Guide for Nigerians [2 of 2]

If you haven’t read the first part of this article (Taxi Rides in South Africa – A Guide for Nigerians [1 of 2]), I suggest you quickly read it. Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you right here. Great, welcome back. Now that we are all caught up on the first 5 tips, let’s continue…

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Taxi Rides in South Africa – A Guide for Nigerians [1 of 2]

South Africa is the home of rooibos, biltong, good wine and inyati minibus taxis. Fellow Nigerians, thank you for joining me for this lesson on how to ride a taxi like a pro in South Africa. These 5 tips should get you to where you are going cheap and sound. 1. Get all the facts…

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The Workshop


Welcome to the oil-soiled field where men toil daily for bread. It’s a Tuesday and I am greeted by half dusty and tarred entrance along with three boards with hand written signs hanging unevenly; “Live-chickens for sale”, “Musa the panel beater” and “scrap metal buyer”. The space is littered with rocks, noise, stench, scraps and…

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Nigerians in South Africa and Drugs

Flakka Jelly Beans

“Nigerians are drug dealers. They come to our country to sell drugs. ” – Average South African This and many other statements have been used by South Africans to describe Nigerians and the activities of Nigerians in South Africa. They think that Nigerians in South Africa are drug dealers. This label has made being Nigerian…

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Tswaing Meteorite Crater – Place Of Salt

Tswaing Crater

On a sunny afternoon, Ajọkẹ, Akinwọle and I set out to explore the Tswaing Meteorite Crater. It is situated on the outskirt of Soshanguve, a large township in the North of Pretoria. The name Tswaing, means place of salt in Setswana. It is a site where a meteorite half the size a football field crashed into…