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How to open a GTBank Account while living in South Africa: Step-by-step Guide

Hi readers, I recently received an email from one of the subscribers to for a breakdown on how to apply for a Nigerian bank account without leaving South Africa.

I shared the step by guide with the gentleman via email but I believe the same information will be beneficial for many other people seeking same guidelines. Therefore, I have carefully explained below how you can open a Nigerian bank account while living in South Africa.

Firstly, the banking service that will cater for your specific need is called the Non-Resident Nigerian (NRN) bank account. NRN bank accounts are specifically designed to address the banking needs of Nigerians living abroad.

I have a Non-Resident Nigerian (NRN) bank account domiciled with Gtbank Plc, hence, I will be focusing on GTBank account opening instructions.

Over the years, I have recieved seamless support from the bank specifically with account information updates and stress-free replacement of banking products like the Naira Master Card and the token device sent directly to my door step usually within 3 days after dispatch from their Lagos office.

To open your GTBank NRN account, you will need to follow the instructions below:

1. Legibly fill out the GTBank NRN Account opening form. (click to download a copy here)

2. Submit one passport photograph showing your full face forward.

3. Submit a copy of any of the following means of personal identification:

*Valid Nigerian international passport or any other foreign international passport.

*Valid National Driver’s license.

*Valid National Identity Card.

4. A copy of any of the following:

*Duly filled Banker’s confirmation form

*Your utility bill issued within the last three months for the address stated on the form (to be notarized by a notary public, or certified by the SAPS or confirmed by the Nigerian embassy).

*A stamped Bank statement or Credit Card statement issued within the last three months showing your address.

5. References (either i or ii below):

i. One reference letter obtained from a current account holder (Nigerian) with any Nigerian Bank and a banker’s confirmation.

ii. Two reference letters from current account holder (Nigerian) with any Nigerian Bank.

Ensure that all the documents you are submitting to GTBank are certified at any South African Police Service (SAPS) Station.

You may now scan all your documents and forward them via email to:

GTBank have a repository for download-able forms. If you need additional forms to support your application, click here.

For further instructions, please visit GTBank’s NRN information website here.

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