2017 and the books that shaped it

The books that shaped my 2017 are mostly political books. It was a conscious collection of classic Nigerian literature from some of the most celebrated writers in the country.

Thank you to Ena Otaigbe, my cousin’s husband who bore the pain to bring my long-waiting bags of books in Lagos to Johannesburg. I bought a few more while on a short trip to Lagos and Accra in July and September.

2017 was basically a year of political consciousness. The fact that I have just a module to complete my postgrad gave room for reading and exploring other interesting stuff ranging from art and craft, politics, and business. So far, it’s been a year filled with wonderful experiences while looking forward to 2018 with positive hope that it shall be a year of more success and goodness. Happy New Year 2018!

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Akindele Olunloyo

Hey! I am Akin. I run this space where i document my adventure as a Nigerian living in South Africa. I am an alumni of the University of South Africa, an entrepreneur and currently a wellness and fitness student at Trifocus South Africa. Through Lagostojozi.com, I create contents which answer questions about travel, immigration and community matters as it concerns Nigerians and South Africans. And during my spare time, I handcraft furniture and home decor using handmade Yoruba fabrics. I am passionate about storytelling, Yorùbá cultural art and crafts, all of which are present in Projectiyoruba.com

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