Behold Africa’s beauty
A land strong in duty
With striking charm of diversity.

Listen to the health in her stories.
Her communal material wealth
spoken through fulsome vessels.

Through the ages
she mothered a world of plenteous sages
of genetic assortments.

Africa, my Africa
my motherland.

Published by

Akindele Olunloyo

Hey! I am Akin. I run this space where i document my adventure as a Nigerian living in South Africa. I am an alumni of the University of South Africa, an entrepreneur and currently a wellness and fitness student at Trifocus South Africa. Through, I create contents which answer questions about travel, immigration and community matters as it concerns Nigerians and South Africans. And during my spare time, I handcraft furniture and home decor using handmade Yoruba fabrics. I am passionate about storytelling, Yorùbá cultural art and crafts, all of which are present in

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