Break the shackles!

Break the shackles!
Enslave not the children
Pain has no gain
Put to rest old games lurked in veins

Break the shackles!
A sister with fetters;
A housemaid of dishonour;
Forced to labour against her will
Underage, abused and in need of love.

Break the shackles!
None is inferior
Black nation free yourself
Set your brother free
See him as an equal

Break the shackles!
It is time to pull each other up
With empowerment, we are all stars.
Time to stop self-hate and oppression
Free yourselves from self-imposed mental slavery.

*This piece was written primarily in protest of the abuse of several less privileged kids across Nigerian households who are serving as housemaids.

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Akindele Olunloyo

Hey! I am Akin. I run this space where i document my adventure as a Nigerian living in South Africa. I am an alumni of the University of South Africa, an entrepreneur and currently a wellness and fitness student at Trifocus South Africa. Through, I create contents which answer questions about travel, immigration and community matters as it concerns Nigerians and South Africans. And during my spare time, I handcraft furniture and home decor using handmade Yoruba fabrics. I am passionate about storytelling, Yorùbá cultural art and crafts, all of which are present in

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