Credit, cash card

I was born to buy with cash
Pricey lifestyle has emerged with cards
We are enticed by the sweet credits
The clothes and shoes are attractive but
The rain of repayment calls will drain you

Watch your back black man
Credit is not really your friend;
A love-hate relationship
That kills when careless
Breakup if you can’t handle him

Bye-bye to credit
I will not miss you
Especially for frivolous spending
I’d rather save than spend to regret
Credit or cash, it’s your card
Play wisely.

Published by

Akindele Olunloyo

Hey! I am Akin. I run this space where i document my adventure as a Nigerian living in South Africa. I am an alumni of the University of South Africa, an entrepreneur and currently a wellness and fitness student at Trifocus South Africa. Through, I create contents which answer questions about travel, immigration and community matters as it concerns Nigerians and South Africans. And during my spare time, I handcraft furniture and home decor using handmade Yoruba fabrics. I am passionate about storytelling, Yorùbá cultural art and crafts, all of which are present in

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