Fix Politicians.  Fix Nigeria.

My opinion is that we need to fix our politics in Nigeria. It is our major problem. Our vast social issues can be conveniently traced to lack of political will to fix many of our national ills.

We have a wide variety of longstanding national problems. Personally, I am still in shock and particularly not sure why solution is still not in sight. To indulge in a series of excuses for lack of development: a possibility might be that most of our past and present political leaders do not have the solution to our bunch of intimidating problems, or are not paying attention to those who are recommending viable solution and then it may also be that their self interests supersede national interest. Who knows?

Today, we have a government led by the All People’s Party (APC), the first opposition political party to unseat a sitting President in the history of Nigeria. People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the defeated mega party, known to be the largest political party in Africa, had been in power for 16 years in a row but failed woefully in addressing the nation’s infrastructural needs most especially the provision of stable electricity and water.

The APC before winning the general elections in 2015 promised a complete overhaul of the embarrassing state of Nigeria’s infrastructure. Almost three years in power, nothing has changed. There are no signs of new initiatives towards addressing our gross infrastructural deficit. Anyway, I am not surprised.

By the way, we must remember that APC and PDP are one and the same. Their ideologies are substantially similar. They even share almost the same membership. Their politics and style of governance are the same. It is safe to somewhat conclude that solution cannot come from this bunch of politicians.

They have both expressly displayed clear signs of political unwillingness to address our long standing social problems.

Moreover, positive change and development will never happen due to our nonfunctional or rather dead institutions in the country (most especially as a result of the take over of these institutions by the big men).

APC and PDP — the parties of the big men and their transmuted bodies and stooges will indefinitely continue to rule us until a new citizen movement arise who will not only ‘flush’ these men from our polity but also bring real positive change to the people. Change can only come from those who have sound understanding of Nigeria’s vast political problems and it’s applicable solution.

It is upon us as the younger generation to educate ourselves; to empower each other with sound knowledge about how things must work in Nigeria. The solution must commence with quality education; understanding of the problem, understanding of the solution and it’s effects and then profering the solution because the Golden Generation’ is unarguably an accomplished fatal failure (*another story for another day). They have failed us.
*Flush: Not necessarily assassination. That is barbaric! I mean matching and out doing the big men at their game of political maneuvering. Our generation must be further politically conscious than the older folks. Level of political understanding will determine the possibility of unseating this political gladiators.

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Akindele Olunloyo

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