The Movement Of The People Is More Powerful Than The People In Power

Nigeria needs serious radical transformation in all spheres of her nationhood. The redemption of Nigeria is at this point beyond one single person’s good and lofty intentions. We desperately crave redemption. I believe our solution lies in a fresh movement of the citizens led by the citizens for the collective good of the citizens. We need a new movement; a politically motivated crusade, with good intentions that are finely defined and well understood by all.

Of particular significance towards truly radical transformation is the urgent redemption of our state institutions and particularly the civil service and also investment in quality decolonised education. At the moment, the Nigerian civil service is more or less dead. It should be the driving force of government; the engine that runs the country. People are now evidently more powerful than State apparatus. It shouldn’t be, in a sane state. Honesty, value and loyalty to the State must be restored in the civil service. External influences in it’s operations must be crushed. The UK has one of the world’s best civil service; i don’t understand why we have failed to learn from them considering the good bilateral relations we have with them.

Adherence to rules is a simple but yet major problem we have as Nigerians. When everybody irrespective of his status follow rules, it will benefit us all.

Nationalism must also be preached. It will address our sickly sensitivity to tribal sentiments. I should be a Nigerian first. Being Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, or Edo should be secondary. Emphasis on State of origin in my opinion is a fraud. It further pulls us apart. It should be de-emphasized. These and many more national policies that fuel division must be reviewed.

Sadly, Nigeria is sick. At the moment not working. Not working in the sense that, the common man does not feel the existence of government, infact even our leaders and the privileged few also suffer the same fate; we all have to provide our basic social amenities/needs. Sadly, the same rhythm of unseriousness is heard across West Africa. My tour of five West African countries earlier this year confirms to me the influence of Nigeria on socio-economic development in these sub-region is substantial. For our sake and the rest of the continent, Nigeria need to sit up and be honest with herself for once. The solution is in the hands of the people. We must take charge. We must save our nation for the sake of the coming generations.